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  • What is Flights & Feels Travel?
    Flights & Feels Travel is a travel agency that takes vacation planning to a new level of relaxation. We design a custom itinerary packed with out of the ordinary experiences, incredible detail, and impeccable service. Our travel planning service allows you to bring even the most extravagant vacation idea to life without having to break a sweat. Provide us with a budget, travel dates, and your interests and we'll make a travel itinerary that is sure to make you question why you've ever planned your own vacation.
  • What type of activities do you book?
    To keep it short. Everything. Some examples include Live-shows, hiking trails, watersports and activities, cooking classes, acting classes. Group tours, private tours, city tours, ghost tours. Boat charters, movie tickets, art museums, etc. And the best part is you'll recieve a great price on everything just by booking a trip with us!
  • What type of accomodations do you book?
    Our favorite accommodations to book are Boutique hotels, Bed + Breakfasts, vacation villas and vetted home-sharing companies.
  • What about airfare?
    We have a strategy for airfare booking and typically book it within a certain window to get the lowest price possible. Please remember to indicate which airports you are willing to travel to for the best airfare options. We love direct flights but often book connecting flights to keep you within your budget.
  • I don't need a complete itinerary but i'd like to use your company. Do you offer any other travel planning services?
    Yes! In addition to our custom itinerary service, we also offer Flights & Feels Get up + Getaway travel plans for 2-3 day getaways. We are always on the hunt for new travel destinations and are constantly updating our plans. Check back periodically for hot new destinations. You can find our current travel plans here.
  • Do you have any travel deals or recommendations?
    We thought you'd never ask! Our travel recommendations are updated weekly. You can either click through the link to take advantage of the deal or send us an email to confirm your booking. Also, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be first in line to hear about our newest travel offers. Click here for travel deals.
  • Can I purchase a gift card?
    You sure can! We now offer gift cards valued between $100 to $1000. Gift cards can be used towards Customized Flights & Feels Travel Itinerary plans, Get Up + Getaway travel plans, Flights & Feels Travel Steals and trip costs. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on gift cards. Please email us to inquire about gift card purchases.
  • Do you have a referral or discount program?
    Flights & Feels Travel currently offers repeat traveler and F&F Friends + Family deals. After booking your first trip you will receive an offer that is valid on all on your subsequent trip. You may also pass the offer along to your friends and family. We love referrals! Additionally, check back often to see if we're running any promotions or flash deals. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop!
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    At this time we do not accept multiple payments on your Flights & Feels Travel Adventure plan, however, we offer a staggered booking option (See booking options) and the activity and tour providers within your travel itinerary may accept deposits and then a final payment before travel. We will work with all of our clients to keep you within budget or space out your payments as much as possible.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Should you need to cancel before your trip is finalized (Itinerary proposal is accepted but payments have not been made), please note there is a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee. We will absolutely do our best to get your money back or travel credits from hotels, airlines or other providers. Please let us know as soon as possible when you need to cancel. If you'd like to postpone your trip we will work with you to reschedule.
  • Do you offer travel insurance?
    Yes. We partner with Travel Insured and Travel Guard to offer travel insurance for your trip. The cost of the policy is dependent upon your travel destination, cost of trip, and personal factors. Once we have the total trip cost we will send you a policy quote. At this point you can choose to accept or decline the policy.
  • I am unsure about my budget. Can you help?
    When choosing a budget remember to account for your destination, your travel preferences (budget vs luxury), flight and train cabin preferences, rental car preferences and the type/amount of activities you'd like to partake in during your trip. We are always available to guide you. Please send us an email if you need help selecting a budget. We'd love to help!
  • I want to go somewhere. But I don't know where. Can you help?
    This is our favorite question. We absolutely love building a trip from scratch. Just give us a budget and some dates and your preferences and we'll send you an itinerary. Cheers!
  • Whats your response to Covid-19?
    Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Covid-19. This is a sad time, globally. We have rescheduled many trips and are working closely to monitor global conditions as we face this crisis together. To ensure our clients are safe and secure while traveling we are currently only working with hotels and Bed and Breakfast accomodations as we are able to vet safety precautions at these properties. Additionally, we are extremely flexible in re-scheduling trips as the travel climate shifts. We are presently only booking refundable activities and reservations. As a whole, Flights & Feels Travel recommends delaying all non-essential travel until the end of 2020. To appease your wanderlust we are offering custom-curated road trips and staycations. Until we are are able to return to our new normal. Discover your own backyard until travel is safe again.

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