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After choosing your Flights & Feels Adventure plan, you complete the Flights & Feels Travel survey.

The goal is to gather your travel style, interests, and most importantly your expectations for your upcoming vacation.

The details we need to learn all about you include (but are not limited to): 

  • What you envision your trip to FEEL like

  • Your maximum trip budget (travel + accommodations + activities)

    • Backpacker's budget, luxury or anywhere in between

  • Your intended travel destination or lack thereof (we'll suggest somewhere amazing!)

  • Preferred travel dates

  • Your interests (Including likes & dislikes)

  • Traveler information

  • Travel preferences

Adventure Plan +


 To travel is to feel #NoMoreRegularTrips

Trip proposal + Revisions

We curate a total itinerary. The Flights & Feels Travel itinerary includes:

  • Travel.  Will you arrive by plane, train or automobile? Or maybe a combination.

  • Accommodation.  Where will you be sleeping? Maybe a cute little cottage or a retro condo. Maybe a boutique hotel or a cabin underneath the stars.

  • Transportation. We think about how you'll be getting around ahead of time. Whether it's hailing a cab, strolling down the street, hopping on the metro or being chauffeured around town. Sit back, relax, and enjoy worrying about...nothing except which outfits will make it into your suitcase.

  • All the FUN stuff in between. A sporting event, a decorated yacht rental, singing karaoke in a cute bar in Las Vegas or even the big stuff, climbing the Great Wall of China. Consider it mapped out, booked, and done.

  • Dining. Because everyone loves FOOD. Whether it's vegan restaurants in France or barbecue joints in Texas. We'll suggest the restaurants and make the reservations if needed. You're welcome.

  • Budget. We maximize your selected budget to ensure your trip isis as amazing and seamless as you envision it to be. 

  • Within your itinerary you will find the total cost of each activity based on the total trip budget. If you are traveling with multiple travelers, we will use the total vacation budget when planning your trip. (i.e. Two travelers, each have a budget of $2,000, our trip planning budget will be $4,000).


Please note that quotes may change so we suggest securing each portion of your travel itinerary as soon as possible


View the trip planning guide to help you along the travel planning process. 



Vacation Management + Booking

Leading up to your departure you will receive an email filled with a ton of travel goodies.

Tips, tricks, and packing lists.

Some travel goodies include:

  • Important information about your destination:

    • Weather forecast

    • Tips from locals​

    • Safety information

    • Off the beaten path suggestions (If you have any downtime)

    • City guide 

  • Packing list:

    • Clothing/Shoe suggestions​ based on your destination

    • Toiletries + Essential items

    • Misc. items to bring for the journey

  • Reminders:

    • Pre-departure to-do list

    •  ​Apps to download

    • Safety reminders (Embassy check-in + emergency contact)

Enjoy Resized1.gif

Incredible Detail & Service

You don't have to worry because we do the worrying for you.  From flight updates to getting lost on an adventure, we'll get you back on track.  We curate trips for our client as we would for ourselves.


From the time you embark on your adventure until you are home from your destination safely, we'll be your safety net.

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