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Me, travel!? Post Covid-19?

We know what you're all thinking.

And chances are, if you aren't thinking it, someone else in your life is #travelshaming. But you aren't alone in longing for another trip or even sketching out a plan for new travel destinations during the pandemic. Safety is the number one priority on everyone's agenda. Flights & Feels Travel recommends following all travel guidelines recommend by health officials and the State Department,  we encourage you to use this time to plan and book future trips only.

Now that thats out the way.  Not all is bleak in the future of travel.

As states and countries begin re-opening, many travelers will come to enjoy the benefits of travel, post Covid-19.  Popular destinations with more vacancy offer travelers an experience that may have previously deterred them from visiting. For a visual, personal photos with the Eiffel Tower (You're welcome) and straight to the entrance line hopping at the Coliseum, until the momentum of tourism begins to pick up once again. 

The deals will be INSANE.  Little to no revenue in the tourism industry is a win to the post-pandemic or otherwise frugal traveler. Air, ground, and lodging providers are slashing prices day after day to attract tourists and, you guessed it, cold, hard cash. 

Service, yes, service... will be at its all time best.  Many workers in the tourism sector have not worked for a good portion of the pandemic and will be eager to get back to work.  Providing stellar service to tourist.

Think about it.  Lighter crowds, discounted travel and excited service-industry workers.  The silver lining we've all been waiting for.

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