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One thing you don't think about when travelling overseas...

The tap water!

If you are jetting off on your vacation, then it is imperative to have the right health insurance but even so making sure you keep your health in mind is equally as important.

All the time you hear about best things to do when you land in your selected destination and even places to dine. But one of the last things to consider is whether or not you can actually drink the tap water or not. Don’t be that person who goes out for the day then go back to your hotel room, turn on the tap in your room and fill up a glass of water to quench your thirst, all without thinking about whether or not you really should be doing so.

In the US we can all be guilty of taking advantage of fresh, clean, drinkable tap water. But in foreign countries it may not be advisable for you to drink. You might think its ok because you have health insurance… But do you really want to spend the duration of your trip feeling unwell?

So where can tourists drink the tap water?

Andorra Guadeloupe Poland

Austria Hungary Portugal

Australia Iceland Puerto Rico

Belgium Ireland Saint Helena

Bermuda Israel San Marino

Canada Italy Saudi Arabia

Chile Japan Singapore

Cook Islands Kuwait Slovakia

Costa Rica Liechtenstein Slovenia

Croatia Luxemburg South Korea

Czech Republic Malta Spain

Denmark Martinique Sweden

Estonia Monaco Switzerland

Finland Netherlands UAE

France New Caledonia United Kingdom

Germany New Zealand United States

Greece Norway Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Greenland Palau

All drinking water recommendations above can be found on the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website here.

Which country are you visiting next? Make sure to find out if the tap water is drinkable 🚰

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