• Erin

Your ultimate guide to packing light.

Professional tips and tricks to get you packed without breaking a sweat

Everyone loves to travel, but even some of the most seasoned travelers haven’t mastered the art of packing. There are those who overpack and can’t get the zipper of their suitcase closed. There are those who forget items, either at home or when leaving the destination. And there are those who underpack and end up having to spend extra money on vacation replacing things they already own. No matter what kind of packer you are, these tips will have you packing like a pro whether you’re checking a suitcase or just bringing a carry-on.

Make a list

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked. When I say make a list, I mean one on paper with checkboxes that you can physically mark as you put things into your bag so you know for sure that you have what you need. The key to making a packing list is to start a week or two before your trip. Pay attention to what you use regularly. You may have planned to bring a full makeup kit, but you actually use the same foundation/mascara/lip gloss combo every day. Having a list ready before packing will make the process quicker and will cut down on the chances of forgetting anything. Just make sure to pack the list as well so everything also returns home with you.

Keep electronics packed together

If you travel like me you probably have a lot of electronics with you. My bag usually has a laptop and charger, phone and charger, camera, extra battery pa