Roadtrippin’ Safely & Comfortably

Pack a Travel Safety Kit.

Your road trip will be more comfortable and feel safer if you make sure you have all the essentials at hand. There will be times during your trip where it may not be possible to avoid all contact with other people or much used surfaces. This kit should include what you need in order to both stay safe and meet local requirements. Here’s what to pack.

Enough of your medications to last throughout the trip (and a little more).

You never know if local pharmacies will be able to fill your prescriptions or whether they have common meds out of stock. Bringing your own supply makes sense.

A daily supply of disposable masks

At the time of writing this, 17 states require face coverings when in public and some states have special rules targeting visitors from other states. Make sure you check out the various guidelines in place at the destinations you will be visiting or even traveling through. Some states have travel restrictions for visitors from other parts of the country. Make sure you know what the situation is before heading to these destinations.

Hand sanitizer

Different areas of the country have been affected at different times. This means you cannot be certain that the places you visit will have a handy supply of sanitizer. The solution is to bring your won. It is very useful when you can’t get to a hand washing facility immediately after shopping or visiting an area where you wind up touching things that may have been handled by others.

Disinfecting wipes

These are a must have for when you stay in a hotel or other accommodation. Use them to wipe down high=touch areas such as door knobs, TV remote controls, sink and tub faucets , and other surfaces you will be using when staying overnight. The CDC offers complete advice for cleaning and sanitizing places where you stay here.

Disposable gloves

A road trip usually means you will need to get gas. Disposable gloves are a safer way to handle the gas pumps, touch screens, and enter in pin numbers when making payments. They are also a good idea to wear when cleaning your accommodations with sanitizing wipes upon arrival.

Toilet paper and paper towels

Use these to open doors and turn faucets, especially in public bathrooms that get lots of use.